A junior at Grace Brethren Schools and DewCoach member for 14 months, Pierson Ohl is a name you will want to remember. Baseball, training, academics and family are four words that describe him. A two-year starter, devoted to improvement with a 3.9 gpa and 6 siblings are details that help you know him better. Oh and by the way, an extraordinarily polite and kind young man.

Interview on January 12:

Pierson, its early in 2017 but what’s the biggest thing that’s happened for you so far?

I was picked up to play in the Under Armour All American Preseason Tournament in Mesa Arizona on the weekend of January 13th through the 15th.

How did that come about?

In the off season our coach at Grace Brethren, Barry Tolli, entered our team into a Baseball Factory tournament during the fall and Baseball Factory has scouts at every game.

When you say scouts, what do you mean?

Baseball Factory is a nationwide company and they have scouts of all types that attend major events. That includes college and pro scouts. At the event in Mesa, all major-league teams will have scouts there.

Are you excited about it?

I’m stoked!

You’ve been a member at DewCoach for over a year now. You’ve been training and working hard while being an integral part of the whole operation so how has that gone for you?

It’s been amazing since I started in November 2015. The grind is unreal. If you are an athlete looking to succeed I’d recommend it 100%. It’s changed my life dramatically. I went from running an 8 flat 60 (baseball sprint 1st to 3rd) down to a 6.9 to 7 flat. The speed is dramatically increased and the power is increasing every day, every time I come here I learn something new, get stronger and I love it.

So you’ve been actually able to see the result of your work at Dewcoach on the field?

Oh clearly! I’m head and shoulders above some of the guys on my team and they realize that and they’ve started attending DewCoach and are stepping up their game as well.

That is a great testimony Pierson. I checked your stats for your freshman and sophomore years and that is a great testimony to your work ethic.

Thank you, I appreciate that.

Batting Average .262 up to .377
On Base Percentage .377 up to .469
Hits 17 up to 30
Runs Scored 19 up to 31

Well Pierson, heading into your junior season, you are already on national all star teams, have scouts looking at you and it looks pretty good for your future huh?

I’m hopin so.

That big smile on your face is a great sign, thank you and Godspeed!

January 14th Update: After the first day of competition in the Under Armour tournament, Pierson was rankned in the top velocity chart at 85 mph pitching. He faced 15 batters and recorded 11 strike outs while giving up only 1 hit. Scouts showed interest with one indicating that ‘with an increase in speed, I can see you getting paid one day.”