March 26, 2016

Man says to (spouse, friend, buddy whoever):
“I’m going to the gym.” (internally, please give me a reason not to)
OR “I’m going to go workout.”  (internally, it’s the right thing to do)
OR “Hey, I’m going to work out!” (Internally, hope it’s a good one even though I’m not sure what to do)
OR “Hey, I’m can’t wait to workout, you’ve got to go with me, it’s my favorite part of the day.” (Internally, this will kick my butt again but I feel like I used to in high school and its fun too)

Question: How do you get your inner voice to get your actual voice to say it in the right voice? Here are 3 reasons how you can get it there.
•    Have a purpose, plan and goal. Know why you are working out, what you are going to do and a goal to meet.
•    Workout with people that are going to push you and help you accomplish the three phases of step 1.
•    Workout at a place that encourages those three goals by adding one key component; Competition!

DewCoach is a that place. It’s not just a workout, it is a complete attitude adjustment. Oh it’s a workout, you will develop your body into its best version of itself in your life. I mean in every way and for every purpose. Internally, Externally, Attitudinally, Emotionally, and even Spiritually. You can’t imagine until you’ve done it what adding 30 minutes of Attack Basketball inside a Sportsfusion inflatable will do for your heart and head. And that’s just the beginning. The DewCoach training protocol employs a wide range of styles to hit every modality.

Interval, Circuit, Body Building, Power Lifting, Body-weight and more are used to meet the objectives of strength, balance, power, agility and mobility which enable you to reach your goals of more muscle, less body fat, look better in and out of your clothes.

Ask yourself this question, “Is my workout boring and by boring I mean dull, monotonous, stale, tame, tedious, unimaginative, uninspiring, discouraging and just plain ordinary.”

A workout at DewCoach is amazing, awesome, energizing, exciting, exhilarating, inspiring, invigorating, stimulating, absorbing and engaging.

Check out or stop by 677 Cochran because seeing is believing!
DewCoach – Embrace the Pain!