Varied Workouts

September 26, 2013

Why do the workouts need to be varied so much?

Our mind controls what our body does and our body loves ‘normal’. Whether you have run, worked a treadmill, climbed a Stairmaster or even lifted weights in the past, your body adapted to what you did. Most people design and execute their own workouts or buy a DVD or two with workouts on them. When you choose the workout you are going to do ahead of time, your body adjusts and prepares itself in advance which reduces the effectiveness of your effort. Simply put, if you don’t know what is coming, your body is already beginning to benefit before you ever start! Part two of the reason is wide variety of workouts prevent boredom.

When you don’t know what is coming and you are doing exercises that are new or with different implements, the effort is high and your mind is active. This combination increases results. Part three is that varied workouts with a wide array of implements, such as kettle bells, sandbags, various ropes, dumbbells, suspension systems, free weights, sledge hammers and many more create muscle confusion and metabolic disturbance when properly programmed. All of this variance creates a greater impact in the creation of muscle, burning of fat and mental focus.

So, variability is key for your mind and body while providing the most efficient method for achieving your expected outcome.


I am a coach, trainer, motivator and can move people with my voice. Over 35 years of coaching athletes from age 5 to 50, has enabled me to understand what it takes to drive type A's, build type B's, and discipline type C's. Regardless of a person's situation or their type, I look to help them see a future that fulfills their dreams and enables them to bless others along the way. These are the areas of my life that I naturally want to do, that inspire me to do each day and that provide me the greatest reward. Impassioned, unique, energetic and sincere, my desire to is to give hope, motivate and energize through modeling, listening and guiding. My greatest hope is to inspire the will of an individual so that when the light goes on for them, they reflect and direct that inspiration to others.

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