Class details

The Leaders program is designated as our premiere youth strength and conditioning.  This is a unique setting for boys ages 12-14 years old.

Leaders is a program to develop young boys into young men through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disciplines!


The application of the disciplines will be to develop your boy into a man that follows the ARC principle in all aspects of life.  To live and serve as a Leader!

The Disciplines

Physical – Strength and Power, Balance and Coordination, Explosion and Speed

Mental – Speed, Memory, Problem Solving, Attention, Flexibility

Emotional – Identification, Recognition and Expression

Spiritual – Understanding who God is and his plan for a man

The Details

  • 18 – 1 hour sessions, meeting 3x per week
  • $360 ($20 Per Session); 10% discount for renewal; 20% discount for each referral
  • 5 boys per group

Class Trainer

Terry Gourley

Terry Gourley started coaching middle school aged boys in 1979 at the age of 17. He played ...


Class Information

Goals: Youth Development
TimeFrame: Monday - Friday
Time: 3 Days a Week
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