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Fitness is the primary program at DewCoach.  It’s how it all started.


is physical training that gets you nearly immediate results and moves you toward short, intermediate and long term goals in measurable and observable ways. Varied intensity, varied workouts, complete body training for strength, cardio, body shaping and flexibility. Held in an intimate small group setting with high attention, supportive coaching, DewCoach Fitness is custom fit for you.

What does Essential Fitness for Life mean to me?

It’s about expectations…you can expect:
•    More Energy
•    Greater Lean Muscle and less Body Fat
•    More Confidence
•    Greater Ability to Perform the Everyday Functions of your Life and
•    Meeting Your Specific Goal

Class Trainer

Terry Gourley

Terry Gourley started coaching middle school aged boys in 1979 at the age of 17. He played ...


Class Information

Goals: Personal Development
TimeFrame: Monday - Sunday
Time: 3-4 Days a Week
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